A wedding party

How we celebrate weddings - Makrigialos style!

How we celebrate weddings - Makrigialos style!

Flowers spilled from the sun-baked sandstone walls of Makrigialos village on the 5th June 2004. Sparkling seawater lapped the old quayside, tamarisk trees cast cool shade over the paved streets, fishing boats bobbed in the harbour and fresh garlands were festooned all along the wooden balconies as final preparations were made. A 30 strong Norwegian wedding party had hired all the Makrigialos Touristiki properties, including the luxurious new Villa Casa dei Mezzo, and almost half the village was to be involved in the celebration.

The day was graced with perfect weather - aside from a very brief shower of rain, which the Greeks consider an omen of good luck during weddings. It was a scene reminiscent of Captain Corelli's Mandolin. The groom arrived wearing the traditional blindfold; his bride emerged with tiny white flowers woven into her hair. The ceremony was held in the small private chapel of the Double House, filled with flowers and Greek icons. This was followed by a jubilant celebration, beginning in the early evening and continuing deep into the lamplit night.

The wedding feast

An outdoor table had been laid for 100 people with mezedes appetisers, pastitsio pasta, kleftiko, wedding cake and fresh fruit, all washed down with generous quantities of red and white wines, raki and soft drinks. During the evening, revellers were entertained by violins, cello and cretan lyra music, then fireworks and traditional Greek dancing. Then, when the celebration eventually ended, every departing guest was given a traditional Greek wedding gift of sweets in a small lace bag tied with a ribbon and a rose. This was truly a never-to-be-forgotten experience for everyone involved.

Since opening in 1997, Makrigialos Touristiki has hosted many birthdays and weddings. Our own six holiday homes are all available for hire, and extra accommodation can also be arranged nearby if required. So, if you are planning a special celebration or event, such as a wedding, a special anniversary, or a milestone birthday, then please let us know. We would be delighted to take care of all the organisation for you: the music, the flowers and garlands, fireworks, traditional dancing, food and drink, guest accommodation, car hire, town hall fees (for weddings), etc., leaving you free to relax and enjoy an event to remember for ever.

Setting out the wedding table

For more information on how you could celebrate your own wedding, Makrigialos style, please contact us via the contact details below.