Out of Season Crete

With so many good reasons to come to Crete in Spring, Autumn or Winter, why wait any longer?

Photo: Spring in Makrigialos

Spring and Autumn
Spring (March, April and May) and Autumn (September, October and November) can be the best months to visit Crete if you're keen on a walking or physical activity holiday. Air temperatures are moderate and there may be some rain. However, in the mountains you'll often find pleasant light breezes and plenty of sunshine.

The Cretan wild flowers are spectacular in April and early May.

During the winter (December, January and February) months it can rain a lot, and also be quite chilly.

However, the mountains will be covered in snow and on sunny days the atmosphere is amazingly clear.

Walking conditions can be really perfect with a typical temperature of 20℃ (68℉). And, without the crowds, this is also a wonderful time to explore some of our amazing archaeological sites.

Photo: Walking holidays in Makrigialos

Walking Holidays
Two especially impressive walks near to Makrigialos are the Pervolakia Gorge walk, starting by the Kapsa Monastery and ending at the village of Pervolakia, and the Pefki Gorge walk.

For out of season walking we suggest that you bring stout walking shoes or boots with good ankle support. You'll also need long trousers, waterproofs, long-sleeved shirts and some warm sweaters or cardigans. Also, don't forget to pack a sunhat, sunglasses, rucksack, insect repellants, anorak and, most important of all, your camera.

Photo: Wild flowers in Makrigialos

Wild Flowers
Crete has an abundance of wild flowers, and April or early May is the very best time to see them.

If you're a keen photographer, then our part of Crete will provide you with an abundance of subjects. January and February can have very comfortable temperatures, as well as the most wonderful lighting.

Out of season Crete is so much quieter
Although, of course, out of season Crete is so much quieter, you'll still find that in Makrigialos most shops (apart from some souvenir shops) will be open. Also, although many tavernas and bars will be closed, there are always some that are open all year round. And, as these are mostly catering for the local inhabitants, you can be sure that whatever is on the menu will be authentic! Cretans are always very friendly and they always love to talk to their visitors. Ask three Greeks for their views on almost any subject and don't be surprised when you get five opinions.

Photo: An ancient olive tree

We do hope that this short article will whet your appetite for an 'out of season' stay in Makrigialos. Whilst making your plans don't forget that our houses and apartments are open all year round. If you do have any queries at all then please contact us as we would be delighted to hear from you.